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Scrap Metal Recycling North London

About Us

London Scrap Metal Recycling is an established family run business in the heart of London dealing in all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We have strong commercial traders around the world enabling us to pay the best price possible.

This means that we pay higher than our competitors 99% of the time. We pay top prices for all metals including copper, brass, lead, aluminium, stainless steel, cables, iron, steel and many more.

We buy all grades of scrap from a variety of sources; from local plumbers to demolition sites and other metal merchants. We can offer collection services by either skips or roll-on-off bins. We pay top prices in London for all metal. In addition, we can offer same day payment within 2 hours, Incendia Visa prepaid card – instant payment and cheque.

London Scrap Metal Recycling Ltd are your fully licensed, environmentally friendly, scrap metal merchants working across London. We pay top prices for your scrap metal, as well as providing you with a friendly and professional service to ensure you get the best deal every time


Where about's are you based?

London Scrap Metal Recycling, 46-54 Tewksbury Road, London, Haringey N15 6SE

Do I have to wait 3-5 working days for payments?

Bank transfers and cash card on-site payments are instant (1-2hrs max typically)

Can I open an account with you?

Call for more info or speak to someone in the main office at our North London Site Office

Will i get paid on the same day if I turn up after 4.30 in the afternoon?

Yes, the yard closes at 5pm and payments go through up to 5pm on all days we're open