Copper Metal Scrap In London

Recycling copper metal in London shouldn’t be a challenge. At LSMR, we’re here to make it easy. We pay the best prices available on the day, helping you to turn your copper scrap into a source of revenue. 


Get The Best Prices For Copper Metal Scrap In London


Copper is a valuable metal. For thousands of years, people believed that it was the only metal available on Earth. Copper, and other precious metals like silver and gold, have remarkable recoverability. You can smelt them over and over again, with no loss in quality. The properties of the metal stay the same, allowing others to reuse in any application. 


For this reason, copper metal recycling pays well. You get incredible prices whenever you send your copper metal recycling in London to us. We pay the best available rates on the day, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that you take advantage of this revenue opportunity. Don’t just bin it: recycle it and make money at the same time. 


Copper Metals Products We Recycle In London


Copper is commonly used in both electricity and plumbing. It is a highly valuable non-ferrous metal, known for its ability to conduct electricity. Here are just a few of the copper products we recycle in London at LSMR. 


  • Plumbing and pipework. Copper plumbing and pipework are becoming less popular as developers switch to healthier materials. If you have ripped out plumbing and pipework from a building and replaced it with something else, send it to us. We’ll pay you the best price for copper metal scrap in London and provide you with an additional income stream. 
  • Tanks and radiators. Tanks and radiators are a substantial source of copper metal. Instead of throwing old tanks and radiators in a skip and sending them off to a landfill, sell them to us. We can process old tanks and radiators, extract the copper, and then send the copper to be made into other products. 
  • Wire and cable. Have you ripped out copper wires and cables? At LSMR, we extract the copper from the wires and recycle it so manufacturers can use it in their production processes to make it into new products. Copper wire and cable is a lucrative source of copper you can use to generate additional cash. 
  • Assorted and mixed. Do you have miscellaneous copper scrap you want to sell? If so, then get in touch with us today. At LSMR, we turn your waste into something useful and pay you great rates too.


Why Recycling Copper Metal In London?


Take a look at all the incredible reasons to recycle your copper scrap with us. 


Turn Your Scrap Into Revenue


Turning your scrap into revenue is a great way to make a project more profitable. If you’re a builder, developer, renovator, plumber, electrician or handyman, you can sell waste copper to us for the best prices available in London on the day. You can dramatically boost your total income from a project and ensure that you conserve copper to boot. 


Reduce Your Impact On Landfills


Copper metal recycling in London helps you to not only protect your bottom line but the environment too. Copper products can take up substantial space in landfill, causing the areas that we use to dispose of waste to grow over time. By recycling copper, you put your scrap back to use in the economy – the only sustainable solution to the landfill issue. 


Help Avoid The Refining Of New Copper


Copper metal production is an environmentally-hazardous process. Factories that make copper release dangerous gases into the environment, which can harm both people and local ecosystems. By recycling copper, you help to contribute to better public health by reducing the need to create new copper. Recycling existing copper does not lead to the release of the same dangerous chemicals. 


Help Conserve Copper Ore


Copper conservation is not high up on the world’s list of priorities right now, but it will be soon. We’ve already mined 12 per cent of known copper ore deposits across the Earth, and the rate at which we are doing so is increasing. The development of India and China is leading to an explosion in copper demand, meaning that we could soon run low on copper and prices could rise. That would be bad for all of us. Copper recycling is a cost-effective way to recirculate the copper we already have, keeping prices low and preserving copper ore for future generations. 


Makes Copper Cheaper For Everyone With Recycling


Recycling copper is a much cheaper way to provide the world with copper than extracting it out of the ground. Recycling requires far less energy to mine and transport, keeping costs low. This is one of the reasons we can offer such great prices on copper metal recycling in London. It is inherently cheaper to produce recycled copper than it is to make new. 


Recycle All Copper Metal Grades In London


At LSMR, we recycle all grades of copper, including: 


  • Bare Bright Copper. Bare bright copper is the most valuable kind of scrap copper. Bare bright copper is unalloyed copper. It is not mixed with any other metals and is not coated in anything, including plastic or rubber sleeving. You most commonly find bare bright copper in electrical wiring products. Copper scrap is classified as bare bright if it is greater than 16 gauge in thickness. 
  • #1 Copper. #1 copper is similar to bar bright copper in that it must not be mixed with other metals and is free of paint, solder, insulation and other additions. However, #1 copper must be at least 1/16 inch in diameter to qualify. 
  • #2 Copper. #2 copper is slightly less valuable than the other types of copper we’ve discussed, but still highly recyclable. #2 copper contains at least 94 per cent copper content but can be mixed with other metal. 


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