Metal Cable Recycling

If you need to recycle metal cable in London, then you’ve come to the right place. At LSMR, we recycle all your metal cable products, providing you with an additional source of revenue for your scrap. 


Get Paid The Best Prices On The Day For Metal Cable Recycling In London


Recycling metal cable is an excellent way for you to boost your cash flow. If you have scrap metal cable that you want to sell, then get in touch with us today. We can collect your metal cable and pay you a great price, giving you the cash there and then. Our metal cable recycling services can dramatically improve the profitability of a project while helping you to preserve the environment at the same time. It’s a win-win. 


We Collect Metal Cable From You – No Need To Travel


At LSMR, we’re here to make metal cable recycling as easy as possible. That’s why we come to you, either on-site or your premises, and collect all metal cable from you. It’s never been easier to recycle your scrap than it is with us. 


Metal Cables That We Recycle In London


We recycle a vast range of metal cables in London, including the following: 


  • Copper cables. Copper is a valuable metal because it can conduct electricity with very low resistance. You find copper in all kinds of commercial and domestic electrical applications. In many cases, it is cheaper to recycle copper than it is to extract it from the ground, making copper cable recycling highly lucrative. Merchants are willing to pay excellent prices for recycled copper because it retains its exceptional properties, even after processing. We collect copper cables from your premises, paying you the best rates on the day. 
  • Lead cables. Lead cables were once widespread in homes across the country. They’ve since fallen out of fashion because of the danger of lead to health, but remain popular in agricultural and industrial use. Lead is also a highly valuable metal that you can recycle and turn into cash. Do you have lead metal cables that are scrap? Get in touch with us today and find out how much it could be worth. 
  • Aluminium cables. Aluminium is a popular metal used in wires because of its combination of low weight and high electrical conductivity. You often find aluminium in overhead cables. If you have scrap aluminium, don’t send it to landfill: call us instead. We can collect it and pay you for it too.
  • Steel cables. Steel cables are used for all sorts of things because of their strength. Applications include maritime applications, pulleys and winches, securing cargo, and garage doors. If you need to recycle steel cable in London, then you’ve come to the right place. We recycle a variety of steel cable products and can pay you the value of the scrap metal to boot. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how much your scrap steel could be worth. 
  • Other cables. We recycle a wide variety of metals and cables. Call us to find out if we recycle yours. 


Why Recycle Metal Cable In London? 


There are all kinds of reasons to recycle your metal cable. Check them out below. 


Reduce The Burden On Landfill


Every year, businesses and homeowners dispose of thousands of tonnes of metal cable into London’s landfills. Over time, this builds up, necessitating the opening of new landfills to dispose of waste. By recycling metal cables, you’re helping to reduce the burden on landfill and play your part in the protection of the environment. 


Make Your Business More Sustainable


If you want your business to become more sustainable, then sending your metal cable to a recycling centre can help enormously. Recycling metal cable requires far fewer resources than extracting it from ore in the ground. What’s more, it doesn’t necessitate the opening of new mines that damage the environment. With wire recycling, you help to reuse the metal cable we have already, without having to go and find new sources. 


Conserve Metal Resources


The world has a lot of metal available, but if your business is thinking long-term, then it knows that the Earth’s supply is finite. In the future, stocks will run low, and that will lead to an increase in prices. Recycling today helps to prevent prices for metals rising for future generations, improving their standard of living. 


Get Paid For Your Waste


It’s not often that you get paid for your waste, but with LSMR, you do. Not only do we collect your cable from your premises or home, but we offer the best price on the day too, based on the value of metals in the commodity markets. Scrap metal is extremely valuable. 


We Buy Metal Cable From Anyone


  • General public. Do you have scrap metal cable in your shed or basement? Would you like to earn cash for it? With LSMR, you can. Give us a call today and find out how much money you could make from selling your scrap metal to us. 
  • Construction and demolition companies. The scrap metal in a building could be worth a lot of money. By removing the scrap metal and selling it to us, you could make a construction project or demolition much more profitable. 
  • Utility companies. If you’ve got a lot of metal cable lying around in inventory, don’t send it to landfill – get paid for it instead. We take all your metal cable in London, recycle it, and then send it off to manufacturers to make into new products. By using us, you not only get paid cash but also help the environment too. 
  • Electricians. If you work as an electrician and generate a lot of cable waste, then it’s time to stop throwing it away. With us, you can make more money from your work by collecting old cables and sending them for recycling. 

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